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by Leisa on August 27, 2010

During the Dr Sherrill Sellman Tour, Channel Nine Gold Coast News took an interest in the subjects that Sherrill was speaking about, and did a short segment for the news, on hormonal influences in breast cancer.

Isn’t it fantastic that the topic was raised in the mainstream media?

I was asked about Saliva Hormone Testing, as these tests can play a big role in picking up areas of hormonal imbalance well before symptoms become a problem – leading to preventative medicine, which is the very best kind.

A big thanks to Jodie from 1000 Mums Making a Difference, who orchestrated the interview, and is doing such great work herself in the area of children’s health.

Take a look!

Just to explain a bit further; in Saliva Hormone Testing, we test for three different types of oestrogen – detail that you will never get in a blood test. Of these types of oestrogen, E1 or oestrone has a more of a potential to metabolise into a chemical that has carcinogenic properties. If I see high oestrone on a saliva test, then I immediately recommend a 2 & 16 Hydroxyoestrone test to see if this dangerous metabolite is being produced.

If it is, then we have a assortment of naturopathic tools available to help bring this marker back into line. We use a product made from an extract from broccoli called indole-3-carbinol, the herb rosemary can be of benefit, as can iodine. Other factors that can play a role are compromised digestion, and a congested liver. When we have a high reading come up through saliva analysis and further urine testing, it guides us to introduce an holistic management program that encompasses many areas, and encourages a multi-pronged approach to healing and prevention.

If you would liike to know more about Saliva Hormone Testing, you can go to the website www.salivahormonereport.com where you can read all about the test and what it involves, you can order online at that site, and when your results are back, I do up a 20-25 page report analysing your hormones for you. It can be one of the best things you can do to find out your hormonal levels, and take steps to bring them back into balance.



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