This is Not Preventative Medicine

by Leisa on August 30, 2010

I found this to be a very sad story. Two young sisters decided to both undergo a double mastectomy after several members of their family had passed away from breast cancer. Full story here:

There are many reasons why I find this story sad and distressing, one of the main reasons being that this decision, and many just like them, are being made without full knowledge of all the options available in the realm of true preventative medicine.

One of the sisters commented: ” I had  no difficulty making the decision because I’d seen my mum go through chemotherapy and there was no way I wanted that.”  The distressing thing about that comment, is that there are many, many other options rather than chemotherapy, but this young girl was never given that information.  In her mind, there were only two choices – breast cancer and chemo – or a “preventative” mastectomy.

Even having the BRCA2 gene, doesn’t mean that cancer is inevitable.  As we are learning more and more, genetic expression can be altered by our environment.  The food we eat, the thoughts we think, the chemicals we ingest all play a role on whether our genes express in a positive or negative way.

In Dr Sherrill Sellman’s talks recently here in Australia, she spoke about a study which Dr Dean Ornish conducted in the US with prostate cancer patients.  Changing them to a vegetarian diet and introducing lifestyle changes such as meditation, he altered the genetic expression of up to 500 genes in these men, for the better.

True preventative medicine is found in the way of assessing hormones and whether carcinogenic metabolites are being produced in the body, in cleansing and detoxifying, in using herbal medicine and supplements, and in food as medicine and emotional healing techniques – there is a huge array of tools in the natural medicine world that can be used to prevent and heal cancer – and I don’t believe for one minute that a preventative mastectomy is going to be the best option for health.

Knowledge is power, but with genuine healing information being blocked and ridiculed by mainstream medicine, decisions like this are sadly going to become more and more commonplace.



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