Think Well, Love Well, Sleep Well

by Rhianna on January 20, 2014

Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well.”

This simple quote holds so much truth! So many people these days get caught up in feeling bad and end up reaching for medications, or natural supplements to ‘fix’ the problem. But what about taking it back a step and fixing the diet first?

Raw vegan quiche pizza
I have a good friend. She has a pretty standard Australian diet- cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, meat and veg or pasta for dinner, maybe 2-3 coffee’s a day, some cake or chocolate at 3pm if it’s in the office and some drinks over the weekend. She suffers from regular migraines, terrible hay-fever, her energy is low and she wouldn’t mind losing 5-10kg. She will happily take pain killers, antihistamines and diet pills on a regular basis, but she will not change her diet.

I would like to guarantee that by making some changes to the foods she is putting into her body on a daily basis, she would experience a huge reduction in hay-fever symptoms, headaches, increased energy levels, and probably lose about 4-6kg of weight within the first 8 weeks.

But even so, diet changes can often fall into the too hard basket! Changing the diet takes too much time, it costs too much money, it’s not convenient, it’s too boring… I hear all these excuses when recommending diet changes for patients and yes, initially it might seem hard, or expensive, or inconvenient, but I can promise you, the longer you do it the easier it becomes AND the better you feel! It might be more expensive to buy fresh and organic, but in the long run, how much could this save on medical bills, on days off, and on symptomatic medication?

One of the main problems she has told me about is the difficulty in knowing what to eat, and how to prepare healthy food. She is terrified of trying to live off lettuce and tomato salads. And who can blame her?

That is why we have created the Embracing Health Food Preparation Intensive Retreat, run in beautiful Byron Bay, from the 7th to the 11th of February! With hands on food prep classes, informal discussions on healthy eating, recipes, tips and handouts all provided, we want to help educate people about raw food, on how to include more raw into their diet, and pass on some amazing recipes. If you are new to raw, don’t worry, we are not aiming to convert our participants to 100% foodies, we simply want to show people how easy it is to prepare delicious, highly nutritious raw foods. Teaching the skills to take home and incorporate into their lives. Even if it is just swapping cooked cakes for delicious raw desserts (you won’t be able to tell the difference- trust me, I fed raw cake to my 63 year old Dad without him being any wiser!), or grain pasta for zucchini noodles, these changes will go a long way in increasing the nutrition in your diet, and also reducing the amount of nutrient deficient ‘standard’ food.

Come and learn from our expert raw food chef, the simple skills you need to boost your diet and your life! Full of flavour, quick, easy, never boring, the Food Prep Intensive Retreat is almost full- only 2 places left! Go to for more information or to book your place now! Eat well, so you can think well, love well and sleep well.

We look forward to you joining us at what is going to be a great fun, hands-on, learning experience in a great location!



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