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by Leisa on December 8, 2007

The mass medication of Queenslander’s by toxic Sodium Fluoride has again come under the spotlight due to the QLD Premier Anna Bligh’s push for this industrial waste product to be added to our water supply.

A radio advertising campaign is underway to assure the public that the government is introducing this to save our children’s teeth and that it has been found to be “safe and effective”.  Really?

An open letter was written to the previous QLD Premier by the Professionals Against Water Fluoridation (PAWF) http://www.smile.org.au/Images/Open%20Letter%20040830.pdf which outlined their grave concerns about  the addition of fluoride to our drinking water.  These are well respected, well educated professionals who have looked into this issue at depth, and have come to the conclusion that this is not a safe practice.  I wonder how many politicians that are deciding on these issues, have the level of education of these people, and have looked into the issue and researched it the way they have.

Water fluoridation has not been found to be effective in fighting tooth decay – in comparisons between communities which have it, and those that don’t – no statistical significance has been found.  Sugar consumption has a much more profound impact on the rate of cavities in teeth, and judging from the amount of childhood obesity about – it would make more sense to take one poison (sugar) out of the diet of children rather than add another poison (fluoride) to it.

Fluoride is also a cumulative poison, meaning that over time it builds up in the body, and can disrupt enzyme systems and assist in the uptake of Aluminium by the brain.  Many forward thinking countries are removing fluoride from their water, have our politicians ever thought to question why?

You can find the scientific evidence to back up the above statements here:
http://www.smile.org.au/fluoride.htm – 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation.

As I have written about previously, health freedom is a precious right that can easily be stripped away from us by ignorant politicians pandering to industry pressure.  We need to be well informed, and ready to oppose any push towards mass medication in any form.  If we allow one assault on our health rights to slip through, who knows what might follow.

Elaine Hollingsworth is urging all people to write to their local politicians, as well as the Premier of QLD to voice their opposition to the proposal of water fluoridation.  She has also kindly given free access to the excellent chapter in her book titled “Water Woes” which contains information on this subject.

“Fluoridation is the greatest scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”
London Anti-Fluoridation Campaign



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