Making Up Diseases…

by Leisa on July 10, 2008

That’s right, the pharmaceutical companies are at it again, making up diseases so that they can treat these fictitious problems with a drug.  Which is fine for adults, who, if they only care to research even a little bit, can find out the dangers of prescription medication for themselves, but this latest push is to medicate children, which is even more appalling.

Doctors are calling for children as young as 8 years old to be screened for high cholesterol, and if it is found to be on the high side,  then for them to be put on statin drugs.  Now statin drugs are very dangerous medications for adults, and have never even been tested on children.  So again, a great medical experiment is going to be conducted on the guinea pig children of ignorant parents.

It is a simple task to find out that cholesterol is not the enemy it is made out to be – but it sure makes a great profit for drug companies, so the myth that cholesterol is “bad” gets hauled out again, and forms the basis for their “market expansion” into paediatrics.

Cholesterol is the building block of all of our hormones, it is an essential component of every cell membrane in our body, and has powerful antioxidant properties.  Our liver produces 70% of the cholesterol in our body, and it has so many essential functions that we would die without it.

Because children are growing, and cholesterol is essential for every single cell, (let alone the amount of cholesterol needed to produce a huge surge of hormones at puberty) – how do we know what processes are going to be interfered with by inflicting cholesterol lowering medication on children?

That is one experiment that I wouldn’t wish on any child, anywhere.

If you would like to read more about this unethical push for mass medication – you can read more about it here

The best thing that you can do to help your children is to educate yourself on what REAL health is, so that the fear-mongering, scare tactics and “market expansion” by Big Pharma, passes you by.



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