Making Sense of “Swine Flu”

by Leisa on April 26, 2009

I’ve been watching with interest the scare campaigns heating up on television about the swine flu – and I think we need to look beyond the hype and decide for ourselves what is really going on.

Vaccination and medication are being pushed as the treatments of choice – yet neither of these options have been proven to be effective and massive sales to a mis-informed public will be a huge boost for pharmaceutical company profits.  But it won’t do anything to improve people’s health.

A newsletter I subscribe to sent out a message that I have reproduced it here as it contained many sensible points to think about.  The writer is Ingrid Naiman who has many websites being one and another.  It’s a bit of a long one – but worth reading!

“Many, many, many of you have written asking if I will post on the topic of the latest scare. This is essentially what it is. It would appear that another engineered virus has been let loose and it is “disappointing” the higher ups because it is not particularly lethal.  Actually, for their agenda, it doesn’t matter because if they can make a big enough deal about it, they will ram some emergency measures into effect that strip us of yet more self governance and perhaps subject us to one of the many contaminated vaccine strains that the cronies of the insiders desperately want to market. . . which means it would be foisted on us and attended by massively deceptive propaganda.

To the best of my knowledge — and I do not claim to be 100% up-to-date — a novel virus has made an appearance and 6% of those known to be infected in Mexico, 81 persons, have died. There have been 20 cases in the U.S., one hospitalization, and no deaths. This is hardly the basis for martial law and mandatory vaccinations unless people allow themselves to become so frightened that they and their politicians exploit the pandemonium and railroad emergency measures into effect. Let us pray this does not happen because much as those with power would like to consolidate their power, this much dislocation and vaccine roulette is unnecessary.

However, the fact is that we live in a mobile society in which contact with others is almost endless and ongoing. Therefore, we could take a bit of time to sharpen our attention so as not to take foolish risks. To the extent possible, it might be good to avoid crowded places. Obviously, we have to work and shop for groceries and so on and so forth, but we probably don’t have to go to movies or bars.

So far as vaccines go, they are under the best of circumstances a hoax and under the worst outright dangerous. Your body is your own but the government may or may not acknowledge this. When a vaccine is created, especially a flu vaccine, it is generally a committee decision in which some arguments are posed as to what might be flying about and then a decision is made as to whether to mass market an Asian flu vaccine or a bird flu vaccine or whatever. This is all done before flu season and without foreknowledge of exactly what will be circulating and the vaccines are licensed and produced without any reality checks or testing.

At best, the pundits might be more or less right 10% of the time but even so, there is absolutely zero evidence for the efficacy and safety of vaccines. This is simply a 20th century myth that persists in our mindsets and doctors are so completely brainwashed that few have examined the data that would corroborate the harsh statements I have just made. Ergo, the last person to trust on the matter of vaccines are the folks in white coats who with straight faces assure you that the shots are for your own safety.

I have a heap of material on vaccines on my web sites, chapter and verse, with hundreds of links, but the real issue now is how to function in a world that is topsy turvy.  I told people that I cannot advise a protocol for a virus that is “novel” and that has apparently done what viruses don’t do and that is jump species. This takes some help from sociopaths, as Nature is not as crazy as some people.

This said, it always pays to be sensible. If you can stay away from hospitals, great. Hospitals are full of sick people and doctors and others are exposed to sick people so stay home with your family and pets and garden and forget about the places that are contaminated.  In my own case, I have essential oil and I use it to diffuse in my living space as well as put on a surgical face mask. I did this when observing surgical procedures in Germany. This is a very simple variation and shall we say modernization of the Dr. Schnabel von Rom mask used during the Plague, and the reason is not that we have yet to shed superstitions, but that inhalation is a common mode of infection and breathing essential oils into the sinus passages is sensible, not archaic. Besides, the oil masks some of the nasty smell of germs.

So far as remedies go, I would do modest immune boosting and stamina building constantly, as in don’t let yourself get run down. For these purposes, something as benign as astragalus is good. I make it in alcohol and glycerite forms and the latter is well tolerated by children and pets. Whale’s Tears is also great, in small doses. It’s my formula and I see enormous improvements in the quality of white blood cells when using it.

In the event of exposure, you either increase the dosage or the potency of the formula used. All three of my main immune formulas: Indigo Drops, Potent Protection, and Whale’s Tears can be used in much higher amounts if there is reason to believe one has been exposed or there is an onset of actual symptoms. To be clear, one can take 15-30 drops every few minutes or every half hour. There is no such thing as an overdose, not really, but a point comes when taking more does not confer additional benefit.

There is a lot of stuff going around with advice to do this or do that. Use some discernment. Not one person peddling advice has actually seen a case of one of these engineered influenzas. They are basing their advice on generalities. It doesn’t matter whether they are hyping silver or homeopathic remedies or lomatium or vitamin C or whatever, they cannot be at all sure how anyone would actually respond. So, you have to muddle along as best you can. Keep yourself fit and have something on hand to use if the need arises.

I believe that we, the people of the world, are reaching the point at which demanding accountability on the part of the scientists and governmental sponsors of mad science is beyond urgent. If we keep making germs for whatever purposes, we will eventually pay the price. This is why the back to Nature movement is so important and powerful.

I hope this helps some of your with contingency planning. Personally, I am not at all worried about the germs. I am worried about our politicians and the crooks who own them. However, this does not mean that we can be sure of anything since no one really knows where the tipping point is. This said, I believe we must be very close to that point.”



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Erin May 6, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Great article – I think it’s easy to forget the power of the media and its play on health. A reminder that we can control so much of our health through prevention and that we can do quite a bit on our own to stay healthy and/or get healthy. Thanks for the information!

Carolyn Packard May 9, 2009 at 2:03 am


My husband, two sons and a group of 9 or more are going to do the Kakoda Trail in June and I think it would be good to have something on hand to boost their immune systems if needed as they will be passing through several airports. Do you sell Whale’s Tears, Indigo Drops and Potent Protection? If so could you let me know and I’ll purchase some for the boys to take with them.

Tnaks so much for your informative e-mails.

All the best with your many helath ventures

Fond regards Carolyn

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