The Swine Flu Joke

by Leisa on July 19, 2009

It is kind of funny when I turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper (which I don’t very often) and see how hard the media is trying to make something very frightening out of this huge non-event, the “Swine Flu”.

If we can step out of the media circus for a minute and evaluate what is really going on, it seems that there is a huge push for this flu to be made into something very sinister for the purposes of what? Selling vaccines and Tamiflu?

Nowhere do we ever hear mentioned that keeping strong and healthy, eating good quality food, and supporting the immune system with herbal medicine is all the protection you need from this “Clayton’s Flu” (the flu you have when you’re not having a flu).

Yes I do know that people have died from this flu and I do not mean in any way to diminish that fact – but people perish from other forms of the flu every year, yet we don’t have tallies of those deaths taken and broadcast at every news bulletin.

Of course we need to be aware and take caution, but within reason.  The fear-mongering of the media is just that; and if there is a deeper, darker purpose to the media furore, we also need to take that into consideration.  Big Pharma are rolling out a vaccine very soon, and I urge people to do their own research before lining up for a jab.

Here is a link for the soon-to-be-famous 1979 CBS 60 Minutes episode concerning the 1976 swine flu pandemic in USA and the massive vaccination that followed. Note that this episode was banned after its first showing on television. People were killed, maimed and paralysed from this vaccine, and it was eventually pulled off the market for being too dangerous.

I personally will not be lining up to be a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the case of a vaccine that has hardly been tested and is for a flu that hardly qualifies as a “pandemic”  Actually, even if it was the most deadly flu in the world and people were dropping like flies, I still wouldn’t have a vaccination!  I would rely on natural medicine all the way.  But that is just me.

Be aware, do your research, and watch that 60 minutes program and see what happened the last time a swine flu vaccination was rolled out.



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