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by Leisa on September 13, 2009

For those of us who live in Australia and have concerns about the state of government interference in our health – here are two good petitions to sign online, so that our voice is heard in one small way!

The first one is to stop the fluoridation of water in QLD.  This is an important issue and is a decision that was railroaded in by one ignorant politician who has deliberately chosen to bypass all of the valid, scientific literature showing that the type of fluoride being put in our water is an industrial waste product that is a poison.  If you would like to stop having this toxin put in our water, please take a moment to sign:

Remove The Fluoride From Our Drinking Water! (QLD)” Petition

The next petition is one that could prevent the government from taking what amounts to illegal actions against it’s citizens, and this is a petition to stop mandatory vaccination – especially in regards to the Swine Flu vaccine.  I haven’t heard any murmurings about this vaccine being made mandatory – and I think the government would have a very hard time if they tried to – but it’s worth pre-empting anyway and adding your voice to say that even the thought of mandatory vaccination is not acceptable.  Even if you agree with vaccination in general, this petition is not to stop vaccination, but to stop forced vaccination on those who choose not to have them – and that is a right worth supporting:

Stop Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination (Aust – Federal)” Petition

Thanks for your support!



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