The Soul of the Thyroid

by Leisa on May 24, 2008

In one of my newsletters I reviewed a book by Charles Eisenstein called “The Yoga of Eating”, and I enjoy reading his wisdom and perspective very much.

He has just released an article on issues such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and thyroid disorders; writing on this subject from a perspective of our own body wisdom and our connection to the world which I found very relevant and thought provoking.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

“I have met countless people of great compassion and sensitivity, people who would describe themselves as “conscious” or “spiritual”, who have battled with CFS, depression, thyroid deficiency, and so on. These are people who have come to a transition point in their lives where they become physically incapable of living the old life in the old world.

That is because, in fact, the world presented to us as normal and acceptable is anything but. It is a monstrosity. Ours is a planet in pain. If you need me to convince you of that, if you are unaware of the destruction of forests, oceans, wetlands, cultures, soil, health, beauty, dignity, and spirit that underlies the System we live in, then I have nothing to say to you. I only am speaking to you if you do believe that there is something deeply wrong with the way we are living on this planet. ”

You can access the full article here, and I do believe that it is worth reading for an alternative insight into the multi-faceted aspects of these conditions.



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walter June 18, 2008 at 5:06 pm

Hello Leisa:

I am new to your site but I know that I will really benefit from your information. Regarding the article on the thyroid. I have have been diagnosed as having CFS and fibromyalgia. I also have had a low thyroid condition for which a naturopath prescribed kelp tablets and said it would benefit me to eat lots of Korean or Japanese seaweed soup. This was a good number of years ago and I have not seen the ND since then. Would you think kelp tablets and seaweed in other forms might help? I would appreciate your opinion.

Thank you so much.

Leisa June 20, 2008 at 9:31 am

Dear Walter,
There are a certain percentage of thyroid conditions that are due to insufficient iodine in the diet, and these can certainly be corrected with extra iodine that is found in seaweed products.

However that often isn’t the whole picture and if you had a chance to listen to the audio I did with Dr. Lowe on Fibromyalgia, it talks about quite a few of the other aspects of a thyroid condition.

If you still have the thyroid / CFS / fibromyalgia condition after increasing the seaweed in your diet, then iodine was not likely the problem and there may be something else going wrong.

It could be adrenal fatigue, a digestive problem, gluten intolerance, toxins such as mercury or other heavy metals, root canal treatment, low zinc or selenium and even good old stress can knock out healthy thyroid function, (among many other things).

Working with a good doctor and / or naturopath to explore and address the underlying causes can help in recovery – and at times thyroid hormone replacement may be needed.

I suggest you find a good practitioner who can do some thorough investigations with you to find some answers – because they are out there!

Warm regards,

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