Nature Quotes

by Leisa on December 20, 2008

I found these quotes in David Wolfe’s The Sunfood Success System:

“The constitution of man’s body has not changed to meet the new conditions of his artificial environment that has replaced his natural one. The result is that of perpetual discord between man and his environment. The effect of this discord is a general deterioration of man’s body, the symptoms of which are termed disease.” – Professor Hilton Hotema, Man’s Higher Consciousness

“Long-continued violation of the Laws of Being is the cause of disease; long-continued perseverance in obedience is the only means by which health can be recovered.” – Dr. Herbert Shelton, Hygienic Review

So true!  The further we move away from our natural environment, the worse our health.  At least we can still access beautiful, healthful, fresh, organically produced fruits and vegetables to sustain that connection and heal our bodies!



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