The Corporation

by Leisa on January 3, 2009

I just finished watching a great documentary called The Corporation, and even though it has been out for a while, this was my first viewing of it.

I can highly recommend it to anyone that has an interest in why the world is the way it is, and how we got into this mess (environment, waste, toxicity, unsustainable living) etc.

I loved the movie – only because it agreed with my thoughts and feelings about corporate immorality and the plundering of the world’s resources (including human) in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.  And don’t we love it when our opinions are supported by others, lol !!

The message that came out of it though, was one of hope.  There is a shift happening, people are starting to wake up and understand that we can’t go on the way we are, we have to become more accountable and hold big business accountable as well.  A change is coming and it will be a change for the better.

After watching this, it reminds me that the power that we yield with our choices is huge.  Whatever we choose to spend our dollars on, is what we are saying “yes” to – yes I want more of what that company provides and produces, yes I want to support the way they do business, yes I agree with the way that company manages it’s people, it’s waste and it’s impact on the environment.  If we can’t say yes to those things, then we don’t want to spend our money with that company.  It is that simple, and those choices can determine our future.

Of course it is more complex than that, I know.  Yes, I still drive a car and I still buy items that I have no idea about the company that produced them.  But if we start somewhere, every step is in the right direction.  The first important step I think, is to buy locally organically grown produce.  That is what we want to say yes to having more of.  Less chemicals in our food, more quality produce on our table.

I would highly recommend that you watch this film if you can get a hold of a copy – and then let your friends and family know about it too.  We all need to get out of our comfort zones and take a look at these issues, and this film is a great introduction to some pretty eye-opening truths.



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