MSG Causes Obesity

by Leisa on January 19, 2009

Here is another good reason to avoid any packaged and processed food.  There are very few processed foods that don’t contain some form of the flavour enhancer MSG, and among all it’s other dangerous side effects, (brain damage, inflammation, allergies, hyperactivity) it has been shown to cause obesity.

I read about this a long time ago, but it is coming to light again.  Scientists that want to study obesity have to cause such a thing in mice or rats, before they can do the study.  And they cause that by feeding them MSG!

So is our obesity epidemic not just linked to the sugars and bad fats in processed foods – but in fact to the flavour enhancer as well?

Whole organic living foods as found in nature don’t need flavour enhancers – they are amazing just on their own!  Eat as much of them as you like and watch the weight fall off.

Here is a great  Natural News article on the subject.



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Nyomi July 1, 2009 at 3:27 pm

Thanks for sharing this information with us. I get annoyed when pro MSG people say MSG is natural and it’s found in lots of foods therefore it’s okay to add it to foods as a flavour enhancer. What they don’t say is that in the doses that people add it to foods is at very high levels that can cause harm to susceptible people.

I remember seeing a documentory on TV that said if a person ate a few teaspoons of pure MSG in one sitting it could kill them. I wonder if this is true. I want to check it out now.

Leisa July 31, 2009 at 1:30 am

Hi Nyomi,
Thanks for your message! You are right MSG is very harmful and is a neuro-toxin as well as being addictive and contributes to obesity and any number of allergic disorders as well. It isn’t found naturally in food, it has to be processed to get it in this particular form – so it isn’t natural and doesn’t belong in our bodies! I’m not sure either about the amount of MSG it takes to kill someone – but only a small amount can cause a fatal allergic reaction…

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