Is the Connection So Hard To See?

by Leisa on May 14, 2009

I’ve written before about how easy it is for me to forget that most of the population don’t view food and healing the same way that I do!

Food, health and healing are a daily experience for me – I live it, I read about it, I research it, I teach it and I associate with like-minded people and talk about it.  Pretty boring, some might think – but when you live your passion it’s always exciting to learn or experience something new and to see the results that people can achieve when they adopt the principles of whole food eating and lifestyle changes.

So it sometimes comes as a bit of a shock when I see how disassociated many people are in relation to their state of health, and what they are eating.

Just a few days ago I read a story that saddened me, and not because of the crux of the story itself, but about what wasn’t being said.

Here on the Gold Coast there was a write up in the local newspaper about a father who had withdrawn a lot of money from an ATM to pay for food, and for his very sick daughter’s medication.  He then took the kids across the road to McDonald’s for lunch, and left his wallet behind.  The staff put it behind the counter, and then some tricky thief pretended to be the man and asked for the wallet, which was handed over with no questions.

The story was about the shrewdness of the thief and the  desperate situation of the father who had his money stolen – but for me there was another point to the story.

The man has a very sick daughter requiring expensive medication, and he is taking her to lunch at McDONALDS?  As the saying goes from the movie “Food Matters” – that type of food isn’t likely the cause of the illness, but it also sure isn’t the cure.

With all the information available today, the books, the lectures, the internet, the massive amount of education easily found on healthy eating and healing with food – why is the connection between food and health still so hard for most people to see?

To me it is obvious.  I have studied it, and I have seen incredible results and the reversal of all types of illnesses using food as medicine.  So I’m a little biased :-)  But it upsets me when I see this basic knowledge being ignored.  It isn’t taught to people, it is ridiculed by the medical and pharmaceutical establishments, and it is disregarded by the media.

So if adults want to ignore it, that is fine – but to feed a sick child processed junk food, to me is a failure of the parent to look after that child to the best of their ability.  Harsh? Probably.  But what will it take to get the message out there, that there is a different way?  That medication is not the answer?  That health and vitality is available to all of us, with a little bit of knowledge about choosing differently…

So today I’m on a crusade to keep the message alive that given the right tools and the right environment, the body CAN heal itself.  Together we can change the world, one person at a time…



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