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by Leisa on April 8, 2010

I have a special affinity for WA with it’s beautiful weather, beaches and people.  Crops of Genetically Modified Organisms are being proposed for WA and if you are agains this outrage, I urge you to support the petitions below to see if we can make a difference:

Just as DDT, Dieldrin and Thalidomide were proven threats to your health and the health of future generations, so are GMOs in our food supply… only more so.

GMOs will be grown in WA unless public opinion stops that happening. Don’t take the risk. If in doubt take a look at the links below. If you haven’t already signed the petition supporting the Disallowance Motion in the WA Parliament see below for details.

The Organic Consumer’s Association has launched a “Millions against Monsanto” campaign that I urge you to support:

If after seeing what is on their site, you are not fully convinced, take a look at the way GM corn crop failed in South Africa:

Or read the Dr Mercola post on “Toxins in Every Bite”::

I hope this motivates a lot of you to grow your own food!

If you are concerned, no matter where you are in the world, about the potentially disastrous effects of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in your food, and in the environment, there are three positive steps you can take to stop it happening.

One: After reading this poast forward it to your family, friends and colleagues!

Two: Click the link to the online petition below and complete. We are looking for 100.000 signatures. It is not clear when the Disallowance Motion will be moved, so please take urgent action if you wish to lend your support to stopping GMOs.

Three: Send a copy of the draft letter below to Minister Hon. Donna Faragher. The letter is a plea to the Minister for the Environment, urging her to vote for the Disallowance Motion coming up in the WA Parliament.  If passed is would prevent Genetically Engineered Crops being grown in WA. You can easily do this by:

  • copying the letter at the end of this message,
  • then click on Minister Faragher’s email address to open a new email,
  • paste the letter you have copied into the new email,
  • add your name and send.

The Minister’s email is: Click this link, copy and paste the letter below, add your signature and send. Or if you prefer create your own letter.

To really make a difference, sign our *ONLINE PETITION here!   

 Important Note: this online petition is sponsored by You will not receive spam emails as a result of signing our petition. Neither will your personal information be collected for any purpose other than to verify your signature to the petition.

An Open Letter to HON. DONNA EVELYN MARY FARAGHER, MLC. Minister for the EnvironmentDear MinisterThe decision to allow GMO crops into WA, once made, is irreversible. The risks to Public Health, our agricultural environment and our export earnings as a supplier of non GMO produce are just too great, at this point in time, to allow GMOs into our food chain.I therefore plead with you to vote for the Disallowance Motion and prevent the approval for Genetically Engineered Crops to be grown in Western Australia. No one has a crystal ball to see future consequences of GMO technology. Thus, until independentscientific research can establish that GMOs have a non-toxic impact on human beings, your vote for the Disallowance Motion is the only rational course of action.BEFORE CASTING YOUR VOTE, I beg you to take the time to consider the following:
(Source: Nathan Batalion ND, MA, CPA)

  1. The first genetically-altered crop was commercially introduced in 1995, a mere fifteen years back. This was the famous delayed-ripening  “Flavr-savr” tomato, approved by the FDA on May 18, 1994. In lab trials, the tomato was fed to mice that, normally relishing tomatoes, refused to eat these lab-creations and had to be force-fed by tubes. Several developed stomach lesions and 7 of the 40 mice died within 2 weeks. Without further safety testing, the FDA approved commercialisation but fortunately, production and commercial failure led to its abandonment in 1996.
  2. There are at least 50 known harmful effects to GM Foods. The following article: claims that genetically-modified (GM) foods are the equivalent of ordinary foods does more than dispute industry and certain government officials’ claims . It offers a vast and informative list of the number of alarm signals, hazards, problems, and dangers. Also interspersed is are deeper philosophical discussions on the “good science” of biotechnology and how it can turn against us as a thano-technology.
  3. There is growing evidence that the wholesale disappearance of bees relates directly to the appearance of ever more GM pollen. A farmer may use a chemical for many decades, but fallow land will return to its organic state; since most chemicals tend to break down into natural substances over time. Genetic pollution, however, can alter the soil’s life forever.
  4. Voices from many sides echo the view that genetic engineering involves unparalleled risks. Despite “safety claims”, no major insurance company has been willing to limit risks, or insure bio-engineered agricultural products, citing “a high level of unpredictable consequences”. Over 800 scientists from 84 countries signed The World Scientist open letter to all governments calling for a ban on the patenting of life-forms and emphasising the grave hazards of GMOs, genetically-modified seeds and GM foods (this was submitted to the UN, World Trade Organisation and US Congress). The Union of Concerned Scientists (a 1000 plus member organisation with many Nobel Laureates) has similarly expressed its scientific reservations. Lancet published an article on the research of Arpad Pusztai citing potentially significant harms. Britain’s Medical Association called for an outright ban of genetically-modified foods and labelling. In a gathering of political representatives from over 130 nations to draft the Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety, approximately 95% insisted on new precautionary approaches. The National Academy of Science report on genetically-modified products urged greater scrutiny and assessments. Prominent FDA scientists have repeatedly expressed profound fears and reservations but their voices were muted, not due to cogent scientific reasons, but to intense political pressure from the Bush Administration.
  5. There are also core philosophical issues which challenge us to live up to the highest principles of humanity. It is not enough to list 50 or more harmful effects. We need to freely debate moral, spiritual and worldview issues – issues such as why this technology represents the impregnation of a mechanical worldview, a death-cantered vision of nature that is greatly accelerating the death of species on earth. I urge you to see this article: GMOs – Philosophical Issues of a Thanoptic (Death-Delivering) Technology

* Biographical Information: Nathan Batalion

Please, do not follow a party line that, to date, has been imposed upon a very concerned community. I write in full knowledge of the burden of responsibility and difficulty you face in this decision but PLEASE, vote for the Disallowance Motion. In one single vote you will lead and not follow. The very least that can happen as a result of your leadership is that your vote will allow time for the dispassionate science on this issue to be known and taken into account. No properly informed person at this time could vote otherwise.


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