June 2010


The Secret Poison In Your Mouth

by Leisa on June 30, 2010

I am on a mailing list from Bill Henderson who has a website Beating Cancer Gently, and is an authority on healing cancer naturally.  He has a fantastic web radio show as well, and has a lot of very interesting information to share. One of the very important risk factors for cancer that he has
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Remember To Rotate Your Greens!

by Leisa on June 28, 2010

I’m a big advocate of Green Smoothies, – I like to have one nearly every day and I regularly recommend them to people – however I always make sure I caution everyone to make sure they rotate their greens. By this, I mean don’t use the same type of green every time.  It is easy to get into
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At the Metagenics Congress two weeks ago, one of the important points they focused on was inflammation, leaky gut, allergies and auto-immune conditions, and their connection with certain foods  in the diet. Naturopath’s have been aware for a long time, the links between auto-immune diseases, and the incidence of “leaky gut”. Even though the medical
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Medical Mistakes

by Leisa on June 24, 2010

Sitting in the hairdresser’s last week, I was reading the June issue of Madison Magazine and found an article on medical mistakes.  I wish I had asked to keep the article because I’ve tried to find a June copy from the local newsagents, but it is no longer available, and I wanted to quote some
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Human Versus Nature

by Leisa on June 22, 2010

When I was about 10 years old I was watching the evening news with my family, when a politician came on urging women to have more children for the “growth of Australia”. I remember thinking, even at that young age, that this was a ridiculous proposal seeing as the world was already over-populated and had endless
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Strawberry Pesticide Causes Cancer?

by Leisa on June 20, 2010

The below article came through from Mary Shomon this week, and it prompted me to look into whether we use this pesticide in Australia. I’ve known for a long time that strawberries are one of the most contaminated fruits we can buy, and is one food that we should only ever eat if it is
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Just last weekend I spend three days at the Metagenics 2010 International Congress, and as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I loved every  minute of it. Metagenics is a company which produces naturopathic grade supplements – and even though I like to use food as medicine as my main treatment plan –
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Puberty Before the Age of 10

by Leisa on June 16, 2010

This is a subject that I have followed for many years, and I find the trend of puberty happening at younger and younger ages, very disturbing. There were two stories on this in the last couple of weeks, one on the Sunrise Program (and we know what a balanced view they portray) and another was a
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NEWS: FiFi Box MMM radio star

Crazy Food Trends The Celebrity’s Love

by Leisa on June 14, 2010

This weekend I am in Sydney for the Metagenics Congress –  three days of intensive seminars on some of the latest breakthroughs in functional medicine, with international speakers and 500 naturopath’s, doctors and health practitioners from all over Australia gathering together.  It is such a treat to be attending and I am loving every minute
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Dr Mark Hyman

Six Reasons To Avoid Dairy At All Costs

by Leisa on June 12, 2010

This video is geared towards people in the US, but the doctor speaking on the video Dr Mark Hyman has some very good points. He speaks about the “new revised food pyramid” and how it is influenced by industry lobbying. I don’t agree with everything he says here – but at least he does mention
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