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by Leisa on February 10, 2014

One of the lovely events that we added into our first Embracing Health Food Preparation Intensive Retreat, was a farm tour, visiting local organic farms who sell their produce on roadside stalls in the area. Hosted by naturopath and local foodie Jules Galloway, we were picked up at Tallows Beach House and taken on a little Byron Bay adventure!


It was a such a pleasure to visit some local farmers and learn more about their passion for growing food, talk about the way they do it, what they grow, what the challenges are, and be able to ask questions about how they manage their organic farms.


We viewed the most luscious greens, tried some amazing finger limes, sampled wambi fruit, the miracle berry (when you eat this berry it changes your taste-buds for about two hours, so that everything – even sour food – tastes sweet!) cumquats and watermelon. We chatted avocadoes, mangoes, macadamia nuts and ended one conversation with legendary farmer Nick on the evils of Monsanto!


It was truly inspiring to see what is being done on simple farms, some not bigger than a few acres, and to sample the delicious fruits and veggies they produce. Most, as well as having some level of commercial crops for local shops, also sell via the honesty box system at their roadside stalls. Jules gave us a map of about 20 of these, so next time I’m in the area, I will be able to drive the hinterland and know where all the great organic stalls are! Such a fun thing to do!


For me personally, it was a confirmation that my life is moving in the direction of my dreams – now that Dan and I have bought an acreage, we cannot wait to grow absolutely everything we possibly can, and turn the land into a massive food forest. I look forward to days of planting and growing, and walking outside to pick the food we’ll be eating an hour later. Fresh, organic, seasonal produce – it doesn’t get better than that!





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Laura February 13, 2014 at 12:08 am

I’d love to do a farm tour like that.

I think it’s important to teach children where their food comes from.

Great idea, Laura

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