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by Leisa on September 12, 2007

Here I will be sharing insights on being a Naturopath in a medicalised world, my thoughts, comments and stories about health; recipes; latest research; books I’ve read and many more health related topics.  I can get quite opinionated so what you read here won’t always be politically correct!

Who am I?  I am the Naturopath for Hippocrates Health Centre here on the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland Australia.  It’s a raw vegan living foods retreat where we teach people the benefits of incorporating live foods into their diet and the amazing health changes this can bring about.  I’ve been studying natural medicine since I was teenager and there’s not many diets, supplements, herbs, fasts and cleanses that I haven’t tried in the name of personal research and the quest for incredible health!  Learning about my own auto-immune health issues has led me on a very interesting journey that has seen the meeting of both science and tradition – which is where I place myself; firmly with a foot in each world.

Science has come up with some amazing diagnostic tools that allow us to really look at what is going on in the body – but healing comes from many different paths.  We have the physical aspect of course and this is where holistic medicine and my particular favourite, food as medicine comes in.  But as well as this, we have the mind body connection, the limiting belief patterns, the fears; the negative thoughts, and the subconscious programming that hold us back.  We have our social support or network system that either nurtures us or drains us.  We have the environment we live in to contend with, not to mention the toxic load that burdens our body with poisons that we were never meant to deal with.  And lastly we have our spirituality, our connection to something greater than ourselves that can enhance our feeling of peace and our sense of belonging to this beautiful world we live in.  My goal is to guide you through some of what I have learned in all of these areas and to make simple the often complex messages we receive about health and healing.




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