What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet?

by Leisa on March 26, 2009

This is quite funny and reminds me that I need a reality check at times – because I am so immersed in health and healthy practices in both my work and my personal life, I forget how most “normal” people live.

It started when a friend was visiting a week ago, and as we shared a cuppa (herbal tea of course!) she mentioned she had a headache and could she have a Panadol?

Umm…  No?  Nope, sorry, nothing of that description in the bathroom cabinet….

She came in and had a look at our “medicine cabinet” and shook her head in disbelief.  We had organic, chemical free soap and cleansing products, band aids, epsom salts, cotton buds, a thermometer, a bandage and toilet paper and tissues.  I have a full first aid kit in my car, but no medications of any description.

So rather than go peeking into people’s bathroom cupboards, I just asked my friend what I would find in hers.

And she mentioned lots of over the counter medications: Aspririn, Panadol, Nurofen, Vicks Vapourub, Dettol, Dencorub, Savlon, anti-histamines, cough medicine, ventolin inhaler, eye drops, nose drops, tinea cream, laxatives, cold sore ointment as well as many chemically based bath products and personal care items.

Probably quite normal for many people’s bathroom cabinets, although most would have a couple of prescription medications thrown in as well.

It really highlighted to me that even when we are health conscious, it is very easy to automatically use over the counter chemist products as a quick fix to relieve minor symptoms and ailments.  I like to think though, that if there is a minor symptom, it is a sign of an imbalance in our diet or lifestyle, and can be corrected by natural means.

Of course instead of over the counter chemist products, I have an array of herbal and homoeopathic remedies at my disposal should we need any treatment – and I’m not anti-medication when it is required, but we don’t rely on any chemist products for minor day to day ailments. Mainly because we don’t have any or if we do we treat them naturally.

What’s in your medicine cabinet?



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