Understanding Candida

by Leisa on September 17, 2009

Candida seems to be one of those favourite naturopathic evils – if there is a gut problem, or an allergy – the it must be that evil candida and it has to be stopped!  And radical diets are put in place which starve the body of all types of sugar, including fruit, and extreme amounts of supplements are taken to kill it off….

Years and years ago I read a book completely dedicated to curing candida, and it was so convoluted and was such an involved strategy, that I just shook my head and remember thinking – “if it’s that hard, then they haven’t actually found the answer yet”.  I now understand that to be the case.

Above is a seven minute video by Dr. Doug Graham, the author of the controversial raw vegan book 80/10/10 – and here he speaks about candida, what it is, what it does and how to keep in in check very simply.  What most people don’t understand about candida is that it is meant to live in our bodies, and is what is called an “opportunistic fungi” – in that it only thrives in an environment which supports it.  Change the environment and it will no longer thrive.

Candida is there to mop up the excess sugars in our bowel and bloodstream and without it, we would be very sick people.  So candida is our friend, we just don’t want it taking over.  In this short video, learn why sugars are not actually the problem, and how to cure a candida infection in less than a week.  In my experience this is absolutely true and I have seen it happen many, many a time.

Thanks Dr. Doug for this very easy to understand video about candida!



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