Do You Put 515 Chemicals a Day on Your Body?

by Leisa on November 14, 2009 “Women and beauty products – it’s a love affair that’s been going on for centuries. And no wonder. There’s nothing like a new lipstick or favourite perfume to make us look and feel good. Or so we thought… In fact, according to a new report, most of our favourite cosmetics are cocktails of industrially
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good or bad

Is it “Good”, or is it “Bad”?

by Leisa on August 19, 2009

A few days ago I was lunching with a friend who told me about a business deal that had gone wrong, and how the whole world seemed to be against her; and it reminded me of an old proverb. It goes something like this… There once was a very wise, but very poor peasant farmer
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APVC Broadwater Bungalows Resort Busselton WA

Up, Up and Away to WA!

by Leisa on August 13, 2009

Busselton, WA 11th – 17th October, 2009 October takes the Embracing Life! Team to WA, with their magnificent sunsets, beautiful beaches and warm, hospitable people. I have found a venue with everything that we need – the 4 star, Grand Mercure Apartments Busselton – 2½ south of Perth at the gateway to the Margaret River
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Miessence – Skin Care for the Future

by Leisa on July 5, 2009

This month as a part of my Embracing Health Membership Club, I interviewed Alf Orpen, the founder of ONEgroup, who produce Miessence –  the first completely certified organic skin care range in the world.  They also have hair care, personal care, cleaning and health products – all beautiful quality and chemical free. The interview with
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September “Spring Cleanse” Retreat

by Leisa on July 3, 2009

Sunshine Coast, QLD 30th August – 5th September, 2009 The next Embracing Life! Retreat for 2009 is being held on the Sunshine Coast of QLD at the beautiful Nirvana Luxor Resort, the venue where we have now held a few wonderful retreats. With Nirvana being only a small boutique resort, I am deliberately keeping this
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One World Love Cafe

by Leisa on June 29, 2009

There is a great little cafe that has opened at Coolangatta, QLD where William and I enjoyed a fantastic meal at this week. It is called One World Love Cafe and serves healthy organic 100% vegan food.  They do have cooked food as well as a comprehensive raw menu, and offer lots of gluten free meals all
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Overcoming the Food Imprint

by Leisa on June 8, 2009

A little while ago I watched a documentary by Valya Boutenko called “Overcoming the Food Imprint – the Origin of Our Cravings” and was very impressed with what she has put together. Asking questions such as “How can we transform destructive eating patterns and become free of compulsive eating?” and “What can be done to
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Raw Food Retreats

by Leisa on May 17, 2009

I’m just back from another of the awesome Embracing Life! Six Day Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreat’s, and I cannot tell you how excited I am that the vision I had for these retreats has come to fruition in the most beautiful of ways. I think I’ve written a little bit about this before –
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Woman coughing into handkerchief, indoors

Making Sense of “Swine Flu”

by Leisa on April 26, 2009

I’ve been watching with interest the scare campaigns heating up on television about the swine flu – and I think we need to look beyond the hype and decide for ourselves what is really going on. Vaccination and medication are being pushed as the treatments of choice – yet neither of these options have been
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Raw For 900 Days!

by Leisa on April 10, 2009

While I was over in Perth last weekend, I caught up with some friends of mine, John Wood and his wife Ronnie.  They were generous enough to have me over for a flying visit for dinner, and they made me the most fantastic four course raw gourmet meal! John is a real inspiration.  Three years
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