L is for Lemons

by Leisa on April 6, 2009

I love lemons! The humble lemon is such a powerful healing tool in a our “food as medicine” tool-kit, and they make a wonderful addition to our diet. Lemons are thought to be acidic but due to their high mineral content they are actually alkalising upon digestion.  Lemons are a natural antiseptic inside and out and stimulate the digestive
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Buckwheat Porridge

by Leisa on March 14, 2009

Following on from the post “Three Reasons To Eat Buckwheat” I would like to add my own porridge recipe to the one in that post. Breakfast poses a problem for quite a few raw food eaters if the questions I receive are anything to go by – so I have a few suggestions.  If you
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K is for Kale

by Leisa on March 10, 2009

Continuing on with my “alphabet of healthy foods” which I haven’t posted for a while, next in the series is K for Kale. Kale is a green leafy plant belonging to the Brassica family, which also includes cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and collard greens.   This is a family of vegetables that should be rotated through the
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Three Reasons to Eat Buckwheat

by Leisa on March 2, 2009

(NaturalNews) Buckwheat`s name is deceiving. It is not a wheat, but a seed (ref: Raw Food World…), and has abundant qualities which make it an excellent food to add to one`s diet. It is easy to cook and normally available cheaply in health food stores. Even better is the fact that it is twice as
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Lucuma Ice Kream

by Leisa on February 18, 2009

This recipe was featured in the Raw Pleasure newsletter and is from Ani Phyo’s book Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Lucuma Ice Kream A rich creamy gelato-like ice cream popular in South America, this flavor is reminiscent of caramel. You don’t need an ice cream maker to enjoy this recipe. Just blend and freeze. Super fast
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Simple Salads

by Leisa on December 9, 2008

Just another thought on food that came to me today when I made a salad for lunch – that we often try to complicate things to the point of it all being too hard, so we give up. I know I’ve done that many a time. I think about making a salad and it seems tiresome
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I is for Ice-cream!

by Leisa on November 28, 2008

Well, raw vegan ice-cream anyway! I really don’t like being deprived, so I love the fact that you can create recipes that resemble the unhealthy dairy, sugar-laden, fat-laden products and make them in a tasty healthful way with raw gourmet food. This recipe comes from Anand who owns Raw Power, a business that offers raw
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Yoghurt Substitute

by Leisa on August 10, 2008

One of the most common dairy foods that a lot of people like to eat is yoghurt. Even if they have eliminated a lot of dairy from their diet in the way of milk, cheese and ice-cream – yoghurt still has the perception of being a “health” food. If you are sensitive to dairy then
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E is for Enchilada!

by Leisa on July 15, 2008

In my theme of discussing foods starting with each letter of the alphabet, I had trouble with the letter “E” – if I have trouble with “E” then who knows what will happen when I get to X!!! I thought about eggs, but I mainly talk about raw food here, and even though I have gone through
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The Delicious Date

by Leisa on June 27, 2008

Following on from my food related posts “The Amazing Apple”, “The Brilliant Blueberry” and “The Classic Chick-Pea”, comes “The Delicious Date” – one food that is a must in your household pantry. Dates are the fruit from the Date Palm Tree and are cut from the palm and ideally sun-dried.  The palms are found in
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