Goji Berry Lemonade!

by Leisa on January 6, 2010

Summer in Australia means warm weather and a desire for cool drinks which quench the thirst and rehydrate the body.  There are some wonderful superfood drinks and smoothies you can make to give an extra boost of great nutrition with a divine flavour! Try this “Happy Juice” Goji Berry Lemonade on a hot summer’s day
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Q is for Quinoa

by Leisa on August 11, 2009

Ha Ha!  I bet you thought I couldn’t come up with a raw food starting with “Q” but here we are – quinoa!  (I will be stumped though, when I get to the end of the alphabet I’m sure!) I was doing a bit of a search on Quinoa and found the most lovely post
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Making it Easier

by Leisa on July 31, 2009

I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on making things easier as you transition to a healthier way of eating and living – and being organised is one of the key factors I wanted to elaborate on.  You might want to see if any of these ideas help: Having a comprehensive pantry list:  I spent
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P is for Pineapple

by Leisa on July 23, 2009

Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits and contains many great healing properties, as well as tasting divine! Pineapple is a rich source of the enzyme bromelain, which assists in protein digestion, have potent anti-inflammatory properties and can assist in the digestion and removal of toxic waste in the body. Any hot, acidic, inflammatory condition
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O is for Olives

by Leisa on June 18, 2009

Four Benefits from Adding Raw Olives into Your Diet Written by Matt Monarch (NaturalNews) Truly raw olives can be a little hard to come by, though the processed and heated kind are found everywhere. This doesn`t help those of us on a raw food diet very much, as the heated kind can wreak havoc on
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My First Durian Experience!

by Leisa on May 28, 2009

Well, I had heard a lot about these mysterious fruits – all the stories about how bad they smelled, and how addictive they were – so when I had the opportunity to try them for myself – I jumped at the chance! It was driving home from hiking in Springbrook National Park with Dr. Fred
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N is for Nuts!

by Leisa on May 20, 2009

No, I’m not talking about myself, although many people would describe me that way! 🙂 I’m talking about natural, nourishing nuts that are an essential part of any genuine whole food / raw food diet. There is even a website dedicated just to nuts!  See – they are totally nutty about nuts! Ok, down to the  serious side
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Ginger Boost!

by Leisa on May 6, 2009

In other parts of Australia it is starting to get much cooler as we move well into Autumn, and we’ve just started getting some cooler nights here on the Gold Coast. I have written before about keeping warm in winter with raw food, but I just wanted to remind everyone of a simple tool that
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M is for Melons

by Leisa on April 28, 2009

Melons are a wonderful fruit to enjoy regularly, especially when they are in season and nice and ripe and juicy! In correct food combining melons should be eaten by themselves and not combined with any other fruits or foods.  They are best eaten on an empty stomach and make a great start to the day
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The Blueberry Abomination

by Leisa on April 24, 2009

As most of you would have read in previous posts, I sadly confess to being a regular watcher of “The Biggest Loser”. Even though I cringe at some of the advice given, I can’t help but enjoy watching the transformation of these people, inside and out, as they progress through the show. However last night
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