The Pink Joke – Fundraising for Big Pharma

by Leisa on April 24, 2010

When I first read this article from Natural News, I thought it was of Mike’s satire pieces – but unfortunately it wasn’t.

There is an organisation in the US called Susan G. Koman 3-Day For The Cure – according to Wikipedia: “Taking place in 15 cities in the USA, the 3-Day for the Cure is a series of three-day, 60-mile walk that raise millions of dollars for breast cancer research, education, and community health programs. Breast Cancer 3-Day participants raise a minimum of $2,300 and walk an average of 20 miles a day, educating thousands of people about breast health.  The net proceeds fund breast cancer research, education, and community outreach programs. Since its inception, more than $400 million has been raised.”

The article from Natural News highlights the ridiculous lengths that these organisations will go to, and the ignorance they show, by entering into fundraising arrangements with companies who sell products that are not healthful, to say the least.  Komen for the Cure has gone as far as to enter into an agreement with Kentucky Fried Chicken to sell “Buckets for the Cure”.

As Mike writes: “Does fried chicken actually promote cancer? Fried chicken, you see, is coated in starches. The recipe for the KFC chicken batter is basically flour, sugar, salt, black pepper and monosodium glutamate (MSG). All by itself, this is a recipe for chronic degenerative disease because the flour and sugar are highly processed, and the MSG is an excitotoxin that Dr. Russell Blaylock links to obesity, cancer and neurological disorders. And the chicken meat itself? That’s another cruel story on top of that (read more below).”

 I urge you to read the full article to get the whole story.

I wrote about this subject in “Pink Ribbon Propaganda” a blog post where I talked about the fraud perpetuated on consumers by the “Pink” lie.   In it I said: “What I find incredibly offensive about the whole pink ribbon drive for donations, is that they are exploiting the generosity of good hearted, kind people who believe that the cancer industry is doing all they can to find a cure. Little do they know that many successful treatments and cures have already been found in the world of natural medicine, but these have been harshly suppressed, driven underground and proclaimed as “quackery” whilst the “mutilate, burn and poison” treatments are given preference in an world run by Big Pharma and corporate greed. There is no other option given to patients, who are terrified by the oncologists into going down the medical path as quickly as possible, before they can question the effectiveness of the treatment they are being given.”

Funds from these charitable efforts mainly benefit Big Pharma, funding research into drugs and chemotherapeutic agents.  Very little (if any) of this research money goes towards natural therapies – even when they have been proven in science – such as Gerson Therapy.

I still agree with what I wrote in “Pink Ribbon Propaganda” “The only language that the corporate world understands is money, and if people become aware of the deception and greed driving the pink ribbon brigade, they can choose to spend their dollars on health education and disease prevention, rather than in the support of such an extremely unworthy cause.

Your health is too important to put in the hands of big business. Become informed, practice preventative natural medicine, seek answers, and you will be giving yourself the best opportunity of living healthfully and not needing to enter the deceptive world of Big Pharma – even if it is dressed up in pretty pink ribbons.”

And don’t buy pink buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken.



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