Chronic Fatigue – 5 Things You Should Know

by Leisa on October 21, 2015

I was happily surprised to read this great article on the Mamamia website by Kate Easton, detailing her experience of chronic fatigue. And it gave me shivers.

CFS Diagnosis. Medical Concept.

More than once I’ve written about how hard it can be dealing with conditions of fatigue. In a recent blog post “Thryoid Sufferers and Frenemies” I spoke about the frustration and often humiliation we feel when our friends and family don’t understand how sick we really are, as on the surface we appear to look quite “normal”. In Kate’s article “5 things I wish people understood about my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” she writes of eerily familiar scenarios that I have also encountered during my journey with fatigue. At first I was a little taken aback as the five points that she describes are ones that I have written about in very similar terms in my upcoming book “The ‘F’ Word Solution“. What I have taken from that however, is that I am on the right track with my writing, and many fatigue sufferers will obviously be able relate to these type of experiences.

Kate writes: You can’t survive chronic fatigue syndrome alone. It’s lonely, it’s isolating and it’s a battle each and every day.”

Each and every day, I’m fighting to challenge the perceptions surrounding chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), whether it’s with well-intentioned family or friends, sceptical medical professionals or random acquaintances who want to sell me the “special” supplement that healed their great aunt.

Walking through life with this disease has been both a battle and a blessing for me over the past three years. It has turned my life completely upside down. It has impacted my health, fitness, social life, finances, living situation, independence and career. There have been plenty of hard days, but surprisingly, many moments of joy, too. However, one challenge I end up facing time and time again is not from the disease itself, but from those around me and their understanding of this disease.

So here are the five things I wish people understood about my life with chronic fatigue syndrome:” To read the article in full, click here:

I tell my story of suffering with a severe thyroid disorder in my in my upcoming book The ‘F’ Word Solution: Fed up with feeling fat, fatigued & forgotten? Finally the formula for a fun, fit and fantastic future! You can downloand the entire first section of the book from the website

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