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Tired Doctors Told To Drink Coffee!!@**!

by Leisa on September 5, 2009

You have got to be kidding!  This article really got my attention: “A new Queensland Health policy to combat fatigue among health workers recommends doctors drink six cups of coffee per day, according to reports. The issue of public hospital doctors’ working hours is back on the radar after doctors admitted being responsible for the
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Beautiful Teeth

Root Canal Cover-Up Exposed

by Leisa on September 3, 2009

Although many health practitioners will tell you that good health starts in the digestive system; good health also comes from having a healthy, clean mouth! Dr. Weston A. Price was the pioneer of research into the effect that bad bacterias in the mouth can have on the health of the rest of the body, and
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Obsessing Over The Details…

by Leisa on August 27, 2009

Life is all about balance, and the further I go forward, the more I realise how important it is. When changing to a new dietary regime, or incorporating more raw foods into our diets, sometimes we can get caught up in the little details instead of seeing the overall big picture – and this is
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Oh My Goodness, I Have a Disease!

by Leisa on August 25, 2009

From The Daily Mail UK “An obsession with eating healthily could in fact be bad for your health, scientists warn. Those who deny themselves entire food groups or worry too much about the ‘purity’ of their meals are risking their mental and physical wellbeing. Experts have reported a rise in such extreme behaviour, known as
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Was This Gastric Band Really Needed?

by Leisa on August 17, 2009

Gaynor Curtis, 49, has struggled with her weight all her life. In January 2005, she underwent a gastric band operation. She lost over seven stone, but suffered complications and nearly died on two separate occasions. Yet Gaynor has no regrets. Here, the receptionist, who lives in Milton Keynes with her husband Tony, 54, an engineer,
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Supplements -vs- Dietary Changes

by Leisa on August 3, 2009

For many people, supplements are viewed as a “cure all” for their ailments.  The take glucosamine for their arthritis, calcium supplements for their osteoporosis, and fish oil for their cardiovascular system. But I feel that somewhere along the way they have been misinformed as to what supplements are for, and when they are the most effective.
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The “Stupor-market”

by Leisa on July 25, 2009

Oh how I love this phrase from UK Raw Foodie, Shazzie! It describes exactly what most supermarket food is all about.  If junk food affects our brain (see post “The Twinkie Defense“) then “Stupor-market” is the perfect term for shops where the majority of the food is packaged, processed and devoid of nutrients and life.
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The Swine Flu Joke

by Leisa on July 19, 2009

It is kind of funny when I turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper (which I don’t very often) and see how hard the media is trying to make something very frightening out of this huge non-event, the “Swine Flu”. If we can step out of the media circus for a minute and evaluate
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The Twinkie Defense

by Leisa on July 17, 2009

Last night I watched the movie “Milk” starring Sean Penn, and thought it was a brilliant, but sad movie, and extremely well acted. It was towards the end of the movie in the courtroom trial of Dan White who assassinated both San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk; that the “Twinkie Defense” was mentioned.  It was
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Exclusive...Fragile and Sick-looking Patrick Swayze Battles On! 12/67

Patrick Swayze – Are You Kidding?

by Leisa on July 15, 2009

Let’s see if you can pick what is wrong with the story below from Ninemsn “A much healthier-looking Patrick Swayze has stepped out in Los Angeles in a cowboy hat and dark sunglasses. New photos of Swayze, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, show the actor has come a long way in the three months
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