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Adrenal Fatigue & Medical Ignorance

by Leisa on July 13, 2009

Adrenal fatigue or adrenal insufficiency is one of the areas I specialise in as a Naturopath – having experienced severe adrenal issues combined with a thyroid problem myself in the past. In my own search for answers to my health problems, I became very experienced with all the different remedies for adrenal function – from
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Healing Without Medication

by Leisa on June 16, 2009

My partner William and I have a very different view on healing and what the body is capable of; as compared to most people.  Even those with an interest in, and some knowledge of natural healing, rarely trust the process of healing which isn’t always pleasant. As an example, just last week William had an abscess
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Sick child

When Does the Government Own Our Body?

by Leisa on June 5, 2009

Scarily enough, there are circumstances when they do… As far as I am concerned, no-one and I mean NO-ONE has the right to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own body.  That means that if “compulsory vaccination” for one, is introduced, I will be standing up against it due to “religious”
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Charles Eisenstein

Raw Vegan Obsessions…

by Leisa on June 3, 2009

I once spent quite a lot of time reading raw vegan forums and message boards and interacting with the people who posted there – but just lately I’ve noticed that a lot of these places are becoming platforms for people to bully others who may not hold such extreme views as themselves. I was once
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Is the Connection So Hard To See?

by Leisa on May 14, 2009

I’ve written before about how easy it is for me to forget that most of the population don’t view food and healing the same way that I do! Food, health and healing are a daily experience for me – I live it, I read about it, I research it, I teach it and I associate
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Has the World Gone Crazy?

by Leisa on May 4, 2009

Sometimes I think the world has just gone plain mad! With all the fear and craziness around the “swine flu”, people seem to have forgotten how to think for themselves and evaluate a situation – it seems like most people just take the what the media says as gospel truth…. We have the fluoride debate where a
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New Sugar Less Bad For You – What?@*!

by Leisa on March 18, 2009

Here we go again, the multi-national companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon of good health and have come up with the ingenious idea of making a healthier alternative to white sugar. White sugar, already a highly processed product that has no place at all in a healthy diet, has been suffering with declining
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The Biggest Loser

by Leisa on March 4, 2009

OK, I confess, I am a closet Biggest Loser fan!  Even though it is a dreadful reality TV show, I love watching the transformation of the people from the start to the end of the show.  The weight loss, the change in the way they look, and in their attitude is quite astounding. There is
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The Corporation

by Leisa on January 3, 2009

I just finished watching a great documentary called The Corporation, and even though it has been out for a while, this was my first viewing of it. I can highly recommend it to anyone that has an interest in why the world is the way it is, and how we got into this mess (environment,
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Oprah and her Thyroid

by Leisa on December 11, 2008

It has been in the news that Oprah has gained back 40 pounds that she had previously lost, to now be at a weight of 200 – which is about 90kg, and that she can’t understand how she has let that happen. Well, if Oprah is suffering from an undiagnosed, or badly managed thyroid condition,
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