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Walking My Talk

by Leisa on December 6, 2008

One of the most important things to me in my career and in my life is to be able to have integrity in whatever it is that I do.  Not that I have to be perfect either, but if I don’t do my best to walk my talk, how can I advise other people? I
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Controls on Doctors

by Leisa on November 3, 2008

I don’t know the full story on this one, but a small article in one of the Sunday newspapers was indicative of the types of pressure that doctors are under in Australia, to practice within a very strict set of rules. The article was about Dr. Ian Raddatz, whom the Queensland Medical Board took to
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Health Crusaders

by Leisa on November 1, 2008

There are a lot of “health gurus” out there claiming to have all the answers to living a healthy life – follow what they say and you too will find the Holy Grail of sustainable health and well-being.  More often than not their intentions are good, their heart is in the right place and they
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Was This Surgery Really Necessary?

by Leisa on August 21, 2008

I thought it was incredibly sad when I read that Christina Applegate had undergone a double mastectomy for breast cancer.  I thought the days of this barbaric treatment were over – seeing as studies have shown that it is no more effective than a simple lumpectomy anyway – if you choose to go the surgery path
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When Fat is not Fat…

by Leisa on June 30, 2008

I don’t read major newspapers because I don’t believe in supporting their mainly misinformed views, corporate and political pandering, and negative stories with my dollars. But yesterday I was visiting my family and flicked through one of the Sunday papers they had next to the lounge. As I turned the pages, a health story grabbed
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Breast Cancer and HRT

by Leisa on June 5, 2008

In the news this week, an Australian study has shown that there has been a significant drop in breast cancer rates that can be attributed directly to women stopping HRT therapy after warnings of a link came out a few years ago. It is estimated that there was a 40% drop in usage at that time, and
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But Do I Have To Give Up Meat?

by Leisa on May 21, 2008

The issue of eating meat is a very contentious one, with people on both sides of the debate holding strong moral, ethical, economical and nutritional views. In this short blog-post I’m not going to delve into those highly sensitive topics and weigh up one against the other – as that could easily turn into a
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The False Face of Guru-ism

by Leisa on April 28, 2008

When I was younger I always got caught up in thinking that everyone else was better than I was and knew more than I did, and in my own mind I elevated many people onto a pedestal. I learned very painfully over the years, that very few people are who they appear to be, or
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peaceful warrior

What is Enlightenment?

by Leisa on April 3, 2008

Last night I went to a talk by Dan Millman, author of the classic book “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”, as well as many other inspirational writings.  I first read this book in the late 1980s and it encouraged me to think very deeply about the themes presented in it.  It became one of
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Money Talks…

by Leisa on March 22, 2008

One thing that I like to remind people of, is that they wield enormous power with the choices they make in how to spend their hard earned dollars.  If we want to see a change in our world, then we need to vote with our money, as to what industries we want to support and those
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